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Facts about our work with children & Families


National DSD


Registered Nonprofit Organisation

NPO 003-214



 Designated Child Protection Organisation by The Department of Social Development, WC

 National DSD


 Accredited Adoption Agency by The National Department of Social Development

 Australian Government

Australian Flag

 Agreement with Australia iro Intercountry Adoptions



 RSA Tax Exemption


 American Fund


 USA 501(c)3

#EIN 52-2109597



 Affiliated to The International Forum for Child Welfare



 The Organisation is audited annually by

Ernst & Young










 What do you do if you think a child is ill treated?

Cape Town Child Welfare believes that we need community members to be vigilant in the protection of children, and to become involved should they feel that a child is ill treated and needs help.

When should you be concerned about a child?

- If the child is never allowed to leave the house.

- When the child has unexplained marks on his/her body.

- When a parent is walking under the influence with a baby on the street.

- When a parent is begging with children.

- When a parent is sitting at a shebeen with a child.

- When a child is in a park or on the street with no supervision.

What should you do?

- Contact your nearest welfare organisation.

- Contact your nearest police station.

- Contact 0800helpkids.

What information should you give?

- Be specific about the information you have and what your concerns are.

- Names, surnames and address of the child/children and parents.

- Your details in case more information is needed (you can indicate that you want to remain anonymous should you wish)